Your First Visit With Us

Gerald E. Gronborg, DPM

We are dedicated to the full care and recovery of your foot, ankle and lower leg condition. We regularly approach patients' concerns initially in a conservative non-surgical manner. We emphasize total care, and always involve you in any decision. A podiatric medical assistant and podiatric physician will care for you performing a full history and podiatric physical. Often times with acute injuries a patient can bypass the emergency room and schedule to be seen in our office since we are fully equipped with x-ray equipment, casting and splint materials.

A podiatric medical assistant and podiatric physician will care for you. A full history and podiatric physical exam will be performed. Please bring a complete list of your current medications and allergies. Your insurance information is also needed. Medicare recipients are required to bring copies of their advanced directives, Living Will, to be placed in the chart. If you do not have insurance we will be glad to arrange a consultation with our billing manager. We currently participate with most major insurance carriers, for example, Medicare, Railroad Medicare, United Mine Workers, Highmark Blue Shield, Keystone Health Plan West, Select Blue, Security Blue, Geisinger, UPMC, Aetna, Health Assurance, Health America, and Preferred Health to name a few. We are continuously attempting to add additional carriers to our list. If your carrier is not on this list, please call the number on your card as we may be on their panel as well. For patients in an HMO, consult your PCP and ask for a referral to our office for evaluation and management of your particular condition. Keep in mind that we have specialized in the study of the lower limb, ankle, and foot conditions and how these can have an affect and be effected by your general health.